Head Office


Please feel free to contact us at the following address for all inquiries:

Rencontres Musicales Internationales d'Enghien-IMUSE
300 Avenue Van Volxem
B-1190 Brussels, Belgium


Mobile: +32 (0)472 89 01 18
Landline: +32 (0)2 344 8229


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IMUSE is recognized as a non-profit association (ASBL).

The board of the “Rencontres Musicales Internationales d’Enghien-IMUSE” association is chaired by John van der Hagen.


Its members are:

  • Yves de Monie

  • Martine d’Oultremont

  • Olivier d’Ormesson

  • Olivier Roberti

  • John van der Hagen

  • Nicole d’Huart

  • Anne Llewellyn

  • Rodolphe de Looz-Corswarem

The following individuals are also members of the association:

  • Marie de Looz-Corswarem

  • Anne Maurel

  • Patrice d’Oultremont

  • Aida de San

  • Chantal van den Berghe

  • Claire van den Branden de Reeth

  • Odile Eyben

  • Anne van der Haegen 


The Friends of the Rencontres Musicales group, chaired by Martine d’Oultremont, brings together the Association’s financial patrons. The friends Honorary President is  Lamoral de Ligne

Rencontres Musicales Management

Director : Olivier Roberti

Artistic Committee : Philippe Graffin and David Waterman

Artistic Coordinator : Sophie Lukersmith